Blue cheese tasting

This evening we tasted six blue cheeses.

Roquefort is a creamy cheese with a fantastic sharp taste; it’s my all-time favorite. Maytag and Pt. Reyes Blue are not far behind; I could not tell them apart. Cambozola (a portmanteau name combining Camembert and Gorgonzola) is so creamy and rich you know it’s sinful to eat. Our cheese monger said the Bleu de Basques is the second most popular blue cheese in France; I found it a bit bland. And the Mountain Gorgonzola was mildest of all; I can do without it.

Uta unearthed a bottle of wine we had bought decades ago for its label. It’s a 1973 Mouton Rothschild. The price tag shows we paid $10.39 for it.

Picasso did the label. He died later in 1973.

Mouton was not designated a Premier Cru in the classification of 1855. It was elevated to that rank in 1973, the only wine to move from Second Growth to First, by French Secretary of Agriculture Jacques Chirac after intense lobbying by Philippe de Rothschild.

I managed to get the spongy cork out of the bottle and poured. The wine tasted pleasant but a bit thin.

I checked the going rate for ’73 Mouton on the net.

Imagine my surprise to discover we were drinking a $850 bottle of vin!


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