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Potential Guidelines for Menu Planning

Ornishspectrum Ornish’s rating of foods, good to bad Category 5 is the really bad stuff. It includes these items that figure in our diet: Cheese, butter.¬†Deviled eggs, egg yolks Uta’s vegetarian, but I’ve been known to eat: Bacon, Beef, Bison, … Continue reading

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The world defies logic. A couple of nights back, I stepped on the scale right before bed, something I usually do only first thing in the morning. It read 163. Hallelujah! That’s the lowest I’ve weighed in 20 years. Maybe … Continue reading

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The Eatery

The Eatery is an iPhone app that tracks what you eat, rates caloric intake, and shares your eating habits on Facebook. Some people detest the Facebook tie-in, not wanting to pollute their timelines with photos of everything they put in … Continue reading

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Exercising with the FitBit

I detest exercise. There, I said it. I know it’s vital to my health, that it keeps the weight under control, that it generates endorphins that make me smile, and my doctor says it’s a must. Nonetheless, I’ve avoided exercise … Continue reading

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