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These photos are so useful that I pinned the foods I eat as a reminder.  The Calorie Calculator tells me I need 2,000 to maintain my weight, 1,600 to lose weight or 1,400 for “extreme fat loss.”

cards=   salmon

The only thing I remember from visiting a nutritionist years ago was that the amount of protein I should consume in one meal should be no larger than a pack of cards.

With these photos, I need to remember to limit myself to 7 – 10 servings a day. Maybe less. Here’s the alcohol calorie counter.




 Gotta run. Time for Sunday brunch.



Uh oh.

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  1. Dean Billet says:

    Calories, it’s makes you help lose weight or even put it on. I had to change my entire way of thinking when it came to losing weight so much so that it has now become an obsession to the point where I am on meal replacement plans which are working great. Limit the calories and you limit the weight

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