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Ajanta, our former favorite Indian restaurant, has changed hands. The owner retired to travel the word. Unfortunately, things are going downhill. Service is lackadaisical. My scallop curry, ordered “medium spicy,” was so spicy I couldn’t finish it.

Garré Winery Cafe is a gem in Livermore’s burgeoning wine community.

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938CRAWFISH is a one-year old restaurant on San Pablo at Solano with one of the most limited menus you’ll ever find. The choices are crab, crawfish, clams, shrimp, and mussels. All are steamed in a plastic bag and served with garlic butter or lemon pepper sauce.


Decor is funky — once Vietnamese, formerly Japanese, now a confusing set of nooks and crannies.

I had crawfish with a cobbette of corn and a baked potato.


The crawfish are fresh — shipped in twice a week from the Delta or Sacramento. While I was told they were especially plump, the suckheads were small by New Orleans standards.

Dessert is Fried Oreos or a Fried Banana. I went with the latter.

I may be back.

Himalayan Tandoori and Curry House is a reincarnation of the Everest Cafe. The food is still good but the prices have doubled. They serve humongous portions but no longer on a thali. Lunch (tandoori salmon) and beer (large Taj Mahal) set me back $30.

Tandoori dishes are served on a sizzling platter. The Tandoori chicken just about chased my companion away.


Bistro Liaison is once again open for lunch. They’ve streamlined the menu. Two courses $26, three courses $34. Still the same great ambience and food.

Bistro may be my favorite Berkeley dining experience.

Bistro Liaison

Bistro Liaison

Bistro Liaison

Bistro Liaison

Bistro Liaison

Bistro Liaison

Bistro Liaison

16216105286_fa18da2778_mThe Torpedo Room on Fourth Street has scant food but a full line up of Sierra Nevada beers to sample.

16241162782_fce2734864_mThe Girl and the Fig is a great place to eat in Sonoma, just off the main square.


The name should served as fair warning. This place overlooking the Carquinez Straits is seriously overpriced for mediocre food.

Hot Italian in Emeryville is one big room serving delectable pizzas with Italian charm.



30 Poppy Lane. We’ve been enjoying raclette. Austin gave us the machine for Christmas.

Closed. Mint Leaf (no big loss). Taiwan. Slow. Padi. Cafe Venezia.

Hilltop 1892, Novato. Charm and quiet way above it all.




Sam’s Anchor Cafe in Tiburon. Incredible views of San Francisco.





ba boats penne oots clams


Just for the halibut, Corpse Reviver 2.0

Good bye, Old Mr. Boston. We’re in the age of web-dictated drinks. We had these at Hilltop 1892 (see above).

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