A perfect lunch

It helps to be hungry when eating a perfect lunch and I didn’t pull into the parking place in front of Bistro Liaison until 2:15. I was famished. Lunch began with a comforting garlic soup. It restores the soul. I’m just as happy they didn’t poach an egg in it as the Spaniards do.



Then a bowl of succulent PEI mussels. Slight whiff of Pastis or Absinthe. Delish. Washed down with Sancerre. The mussels opened 100%, not a clenched one in the lot. IMG_4537



A guilty pleasure, but you can hardly eat moules without frites. One of the unquestionable findings in a long term study of nurses’s diets and health was that fries are the one food directly linked to obesity and premature death. I only eat them once a month. IMG_4538


I was seated in the deserted area across from the booze cabinet. Ideal. I had my own little space. It felt very Euro, with all the exotic labels.


I was bubbling over with ideas, so I wrote a couple of pages in my journal.




Fifty minutes later I was on the road again.




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