Reliable stand-bys

bistroBistro Liaison

1949 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley


The Liaison makes me feel like I’m back in France. Moules, steak frites, daily quiche. Attentive service. Good wine list.

10/10/14 Argh. Bistro Liaison is no longer open for lunch. They are directing people to Le Petit Cochon, their spinoff down Shattuck. The little pig has a limited menu and no atmo.

Christopher’s Nothing Fancy


1019 San Pablo Ave.
Albany, CA 94708

(510) 526-1185

Fresh Mex. Clean flavors. Fajitas, enchiladas, salads. Relaxed atmosphere. Margaritas!

rvlogoRendez-Vous Bistro

1111 Solano Ave
(between Kains Ave & San Pablo Ave)
Albany, CA 94706

(510) 527-4111

Neighborhood French. Good breakfast. Daube, brie sandwich, moules. Reasonable prices. A frequent stop. Next to Albany Theater.\



Cuisine of Northern China

1578 Solano Avenue
Albany, CA


Szechuan and Beijing cuisine. Fantastic flavors. Spicy. Open kitchen. Western decor. Great for lunch.

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